Swatch Unwraps Valentine's Special Shows True Love Has Nothing To Hide

  • 26 Dec
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You’re crazy in love? Say it out loud! Make it perfectly clear with A LA FOLIE— the Swatch watch that says,” I’m mad about you.”

“True love has nothing to hide”, says Swatch, and proves the point with

A LA FOLIE (GZ281), created especially for Valentine’s Day. The new Swatch Special, a Gent, presents a clear, heart-shaped window in the dial that opens onto the mechanics below. A look through the glass underlines the “no secrets” message: the “heart” of the watch is a movement featuring a handful of romance-coloured components. And what’s that lovely fragrance? It’s the bracelet—it smells like vanilla!


The lovely A LA FOLIE Valentine’s Day Special comes in special packaging with a charming variation on the open-heart theme. A round, pink ball has a smooth white heart on the surface, but a closer look shows the heart is a window onto A LA FOLIE — True love is here, for all to see.

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