Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee helps you achieve slim figure in an easy and healthy way

  • 16 Jan
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Kuala Lumpur- 15 December 2012, The Reborn Collagen Plus was distributed in Malaysia by DE BEAUTY. With Hero Tai as Reborn Collagen Plus spokesperson, the product received superb response with good sales. Thus, DE BEAUTY will ride on this popularity wave by bringing in another highly recommended product - the “Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee”, Japan’s best-selling weight loss product. DE BEAUTY is confident that this new product will see its product sales hit higher.

This new product “Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee” will be officially launched today at 5pm at Sungei Wang Plaza Concourse . To commemorate this launch, Supermodels Alex Choong Kok Kheong and Kit Mah will grace the event.

According to DE BEAUTY Sales Manager Mr. Jak Tan, "The purpose of introducing this product is to help combat obesity. As you all know, obesity is caused by various factors such as hormone imbalance, accumulation of fat and edema. Therefore, I think this product appeals to a big market as it aims to burn fat, loosen the stubborn fat and prevent fat from accumulating. Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee is popular because the body will naturally produce satiety after you drink it. After consuming it for two consecutive weeks, you will be able to see the results. That is why it is dubbed the latest weight lost icon in Japan -“Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee”.

The biggest advantage of “Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee” is that consumers can eat normally without dieting, which is good news for those with gastric problem. They need not worry about worsening their gastric problem after consuming the products. In fact, the product is to be taken together with breakfast - just mix “Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee” with 100 ml of hot water and have it with breakfast. Even better, the product’s sweetness is derived from a sugar substitute instead of sugar. This enables the consumers to enjoy “Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee” the healthy way.


In 2010, with the philosophy of providing a perfect life to everybody, which to improve each individual body from within that leads to self realization. The founder believes that every individual is special and unique. With this philosophy in mind, the founder established a beauty health care company – DE BEAUTY.

Our mission is to become a leader in developing and manufacturing health care supplements which are strictly adhere to the standard of safety and to improves everybody skin and health condition. Therefore, to satisfy our clients’ need and maintain and help them to improve their health condition is our main commitment. With our determination and code of ethic conducts, we set an objective to develop further our business in all the countries in Asia with excellent products and achievement!

We determine to become a market leader as a manufacturer of natural health care and herbs products. Our brands represent a series of well known products enriched with traditional quality ingredients. Our products are specially formulated with great care in order to meet the needs and requirement of modern society! Handling with integrity,  sincerity and honesty.

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