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New ambassador for Marie France Bodyline sheds post natal flabs with the right treatment plan

The first thing that strikes the mind of a new mother is to lose the flab and gain her pre-pregnancy weight immediately. Though motherhood is a completely blissful experience, but the journey to lose the post-pregnancy flab can appear to be stressful, especially for an artiste.

For silver screen and theatre actress, Yeo Yann Yann, her new off-screen role as a mother is something that she always dreamt of. However, at the back of her mind, the occurrence of post-natal bulges during pregnancy gave her so much stress.

The birth of her beautiful daughter, Vera (now 6 months old), has certainly brought immense happiness and delight to the lovely actress. At the same time, the 36-year old quickly realised that her body needed assistance in shedding off the extra kilos of post-natal flabs. That was when Yann Yann took charge! In her pursuit to return to the silver screen and stage, Yann Yann turned to professional help and consulted with the world’s leading slimming professional, Marie France Bodyline.

Malaysian-born Yann Yann is indisputably a leading and accomplished actress. Married to Hong Kong action director, Ma Yuk Sing, she is a versatile artiste with a strong following in both Malaysia and Singapore and has worked in theatre, television and film. Her recent performances include Time FM (as Lucky Jie), Iron Lady (as Gao Shi Qin), Singapore Dreaming (as Mei) and Thunderstorm (as Fan Yi) for which she won the Best Actress Award at the 7th Life! Theatre Awards 2007. 

In 2009, she played the female leading actress in The Iron Lady, a Malaysian production and won Best Actress in the Golden Awards Malaysia in 2010 and in 2012, she received the Best Supporting Actress in the 2nd Golden Awards Malaysia in 2012 for her role in the drama series TIME FM.

“Losing weight after giving birth is different from losing weight at other times, especially when I opted to breastfeed my child. My most problematic areas were my bulging tummy, orange-peel skin and cellulite on my thighs and arms. What worried me most were the stretch marks,” said Yann Yann.

After her confinement(6weeks after birth),Yann Yann weighed 61kg. When asked about her decision to enrol into a slimming programme with Marie France Bodyline, Yann Yann quipped, “Frankly, I never tried slimming treatments before, but I was so impressed with their revolutionary technologies and their holistic meal plan approach. All that was needed was my commitment and determination to follow their simple regime to achieve a slim and well-defined silhouette.”

Unveiled as the latest star to join the sterling ambassador line-up for Marie France Bodyline 2013, Yann Yann was introduced to 3-S Lipostem Therapy (3SLS), a new treatment that engages a 3-D and three pronged approach to fat elimination, body slimming, cellulite dispersal and banish stretch marks.

Marie France Bodyline made me realise that everyone is built and shaped differently. Their customised slimming programme encompasses a weight loss regime, defining the silhouette and stretch marks reduction.  The 3-S LipoStem Therapy (3SLS) was the most apt programme of them all for me,” said Yann Yann.

Marie France Bodyline subscribes to a 360-degree approach to creating a customised solution that’s perfect for each individual. Clients will undergo a detailed diagnosis to identify areas that need enhancement. A programme is then tailored to match their specific goals. It is a systematic programme that integrates advanced technology, healthy nutrition and positive lifestyle habits. This has led the way to addressing many issues that challenge today’s women, such as excess fat tissue, cellulite woes and lack of skin elasticity.

3SLS is a therapy that synergises the use of advanced fat eliminating, contouring and firming actives, together with the application of BodyTech equipment to help regain svelteness and shape. The 3-S treatment products are a trio of bio-complexes comprising Slimsonic™, BodyFirm™ and Botanical Stem Cells. These bio-complexes when used in tandem with the BodyTech machine help increase elasticity, firmness, decrease flabbiness and stretch marks, resulting in a smoother, slimmer, well-toned skin. The clinically proven 3SLS is a revolutionary discovery that reduces triglycerides (fatty acids) by up to 55%, in just 9 days. The impressive potency of this treatment reduces stretch marks, intensifies our body’s ability to regenerate cells and induces skin to glow.

Within 5 months, Yann Yann lost a total of 12kg and 38.5 inches without going through a rigorous exercise regime or a crash diet. “The 3SLS treatment was painless and relaxing. I started to notice visible results when I could get into my skinny jeans again. Even my husband was happy with the changes that were happening before his eyes. There are no words to explain my gratitude to Marie France Bodyline for giving me that confidence and teaching me to adapt to a healthier lifestyle,” beamed Yann Yann.

“In Marie France Bodyline, we understand that everyone is different. With our 100% safe and natural weight loss programmes, we are pleased that customers have walked out of our centres feeling better and healthier. The smile on their faces is the measurement of our success and demonstrates the quality of our products, treatment and services. Being a great actress and wonderful personality, we were pleased to work with Yann Yann to help her regain her confidence. Yann Yann is a perfect example to women and even men out there, who are on the lookout to achieve a slim and well-defined silhouette,” said Ms Joanne Yeong, Operations Director of Marie France Bodyline.

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